WEBINAR | European Cannabis Market Study

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WEBINAR | European Cannabis Market Study
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WEBINAR | European Cannabis Market Study
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Virtual Event

26 May 2022

12:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Wesgro Webinar | European Cannabis Market Study

The medicinal cannabis industry is a growing sector for the South African economy and in this webinar, we present
to you an EU Market Access Report which covers various topics of discussion.

We dissect the regulatory environment within the EU with a brief overview of potential markets. An important
factor to discuss is the current trends in treatments of medical extracts, finished products and an overview of the regulatory
the environment in the EU good manufacturing practices.

A deeper emphasis is placed on key consumption markets and potential market sizing and forecasting. Supply chain
analysis is also covered in the EU market access report along with South Africa emerging as a cannabis hotspot.

We follow with introductions to the Wesgro Export and Investment units and how they will be supporting the sector.

We have crafted a panel discussion to cover key elements covered in this webinar.

The webinar agenda will introduce you to key topics within the Cannabis industry