WESGRO WEBINAR : CSC- Women in tech B2B Matchmaking

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WESGRO WEBINAR : CSC- Women in tech B2B Matchmaking
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WESGRO WEBINAR : CSC- Women in tech B2B Matchmaking
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Virtual Event

30 Sep 2021

WESGRO WEBINAR |  CSC- Women in tech B2B Matchmaking

HOST : Moderator, Lara Rosmarin, Programme Director CiTi

PANELIST : Matsi Modise, Founding CEO of Furaha Afrika Holdings; SiMODiSA Vice Chairperson and Chairperson of the South African Startup Act Steering Committee,

Panel discussion “The importance of role models in encouraging young women into the tech sector”
Jenny Elfsberg, Head of Innovation Management, Vinnova
Karoline Beronius, CEO & CO-founder, Addresseya
South African speaker (entrepreneur/company) – Alison Collier, Managing Director of Endeavor South Africa
Anna Baecklund, Head of Data Science, ICA

Panel discussion “Financing female start ups - Future of women in tech and how we get there”
Michaela Berglund, CEO, Feminvest
Carolina Emanuelson, Hack for Earth
Dare Okoudjou, CEO & CO-founder, MFS Africa
Suraya Hamdulay, VP Strategy 2U

The Cape Town / Stockholm Connect Initiative is an internationalization project and co-creation platform with a long-term ambition of running from
2020 – 2023, with the overall aim of strengthening ties between the tech industry in Sweden and South Africa. This Initiative was launched the
beginning of 2021 and the Women in Tech activity forms part of the broader Cape Town Stockholm Connect Initiative. The Cape Town / Stockholm
Connect is a platform gathering companies, developers, customers, investors, entrepreneurs, and institutions from across South Africa and