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Airport opens up opportunities on St. Helena

Article from Moneyweb.co.za

Investment on the island of St. Helena will be a hot topic in Cape Town next week, during a visit of Mark Capes, governor of St. Helena, neighbouring Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha.

The island, situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and more or less on the same degree of latitude as Luanda, is mainly accessible only by a four-day boat trip from Cape Town once a month.

Its days of isolation are however numbered.

City of Cape Town signs co-operation agreement with Miami-Dade County



Note to editors: The following is an extract from a speech made by Mayor De Lille in Miami yesterday upon signing the co-operation agreement between Cape Town and Miami-Dade County. The co-operation agreement emphasises key economic relationships between the two cities. The agreement is focused on the following:

         Establishing a co-operation agreement between the two cities

         Supporting programmes of mutual cultural exchange

         Supporting the establishment of a South African trade office in Miami

         Engaging and persuading the various stakeholders of the importance of a direct air service between Miami and Cape Town.

Cape Town is an important new South African market not currently served by any direct flight from the United States. A direct flight could create an access point for 39 markets and provide a direct link between the international hub of Miami (servicing South, Central and North American markets) and Africa according to a feasibility study undertaken by Miami International Airport. It would be the fastest flight between South Africa and the United States.


Task force to save Cape economy

A powerful task force has been set up to take urgent and long-term steps to expand the province's economy.

Enviroworks Newsletter

The July 2011 edition of the City of Cape Town's Enviroworks newsletter is now available. This edition has a heritage theme ? what heritage is, how we benefit from our heritage resources, and how we can care for it.

Catalogue Show

Please be informed that Wesgro, The Western Cape Investment & Trade Promotion Agency, will be hosting a CATALOGUE SHOW in Shandong, China from 23 to 26 September 2011. The Catalogue Show is the most modern, easy and cost effective way to introduce your products to a new market. We will have your brochures displayed and invite local businesses to the show and you will be informed immediately once we receive any interest or enquiry on your product. This introduction to the new markets is at no cost to you!