Webinar: Garden Route Webishop

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Webinar: Garden Route Webishop
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Webinar: Garden Route Webishop
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Virtual Event

12 Aug 2020

9:00 AM

WESGRO WEBINARS | Garden Route Webishop

- Ald. Memory Booysen, from Garden Route District Municipality
- Monde Stratu, from Garden Route District Municipality
- Paul Hoffman, from SCEP
- Jaisheila Rajput, from TOMA-Now
- Danielle Ehrlin, from FreedThinkers
- Mpumelelo Khumalo, from Vodacom
- Vicky Bridge, from The Depository & Clearing Corporation 
- Elizabeth Howard, from African Crowd Funding Association
- Tarja Castel, from Moxworld
- Katri Mehtonen, from Moxworld
- Samantha Hilton-Burns, from Brilliance in Business
- Doris Viljoen, from Institute for Future's Research

What do the names “Tomorrow Matters Now”, “Freedthinkers”, “Mindmill”, “Moxworld”, “Institute for Future’s Research” and “Brilliance in Business” have in common? They, together with Vodacom, the FD Centre and the African Crowd Funding Association participated in a first ever WebiShop of its kind on 12 August 2020.

The Garden Route Business and Economy Cluster under the Garden Route District Municipality identified the need and opportunity to introduce a WebiShop. This initiative aims to address several topics relevant to re-imagining the Garden Route in an innovative and creative way to approach the rebuild and recovery of the Garden Route Economy.

Sector-specific workshops will follow this Webishop. These will consist of journey-mapping exercises led by three focus sectors namely Tourism, Agriculture, and Construction. Additionally, a variety of sector-specific workshops, webinars, training opportunities, sector expert advisors, and business mentors will visit the Garden Route to assist individual businesses.