Driving economic development through value-add processing

Agriculture and agribusiness is one of the most important sectors in the Western Cape, and involves all the different activities that link the entire value chain from the farm/forest/fishery to the consumer. This includes inputs, production, processing, marketing and distribution of agricultural, forestry and fishing products.

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Building a recognised brand for High Quality Boat Building in the Western Cape

The boatbuilding sector is a producer of a range of high quality boats, and is a well-established and important contributor to the regional economy of the Western Cape.



Outsourcing support to Western Cape and connecting the global economy

The call centre and business processing & outsourcing (BPO)  sector in the Western Cape is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Province, with the services sector accounting for two thirds of the provincial GDP. BPO includes a variety of business services such as IT, call centre functions, financial accounting, administration, insurance industry functions and website design.

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Creative Industries

Driving economic development

The main sectors comprising the creative industry include graphic design, advertising, film, video and animation, music, performing arts etc. This exciting sector in the Western Cape and Cape Town is a melting pot of creativity, attracting foreign and local investors and merging international trends with local creative culture. In 2011, Cape Town was awarded the 2014 Design Capital of the World.

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Driving economic development

Cape Town has a sophisticated and well-established ICT and electronics sector, with many of its approximately 1,500 companies competing successfully in global markets. The ICT sector in the Western Cape is dominated by small companies providing ICT services including software development, web development and consulting. The smaller electronics sector is characterised by a handful of generalist companies with strong capabilities in professional electronics, while small to medium enterprises specialise in security systems and electricity pre-payment meters.

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Oil & Gas

The Western Cape’s Fastest Growing Sector

Over the past decade, the development of South Africa’s oil and gas resources and the rapid growth of upstream opportunities in West Africa have led to an accelerated growth in upstream markets and there is now a significant oil and gas supplier base in South Africa.

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Renewable Energy

The Western Cape is leading the way in alternative energy

In terms of renewable energy, the Western Cape is considered a leader in the sector, being the first province to have a Sustainable Energy Strategy and a Policy for Solar Water Heaters. To ease the strain on energy demand currently, the province has set itself renewable energy targets of 15% by 2014.

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“Live, Work and Play in the Western Cape”

The Province of the Western Cape and Cape Town as a global destination city for tourism has grown in popularity over the past decade. This is largely due to the efforts of organisations such as Cape Town Tourism and Cape Town Routes Unlimited. The Western Cape is the main leisure tourism destination in South Africa Read more


Metals, Tooling and Niche Engineering

The Western Cape has a sophisticated and well-established engineering sector to support its other industrial sectors. The sector is supported by excellent technical skills with trained engineers, technicians and artisans.


Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Biotechnology

South Africa has a relatively well-developed pharmaceutical industry, which consists of manufacturers, distributors and dispensers forming the supply-chain. Given the challenges faced by the healthcare sector in SA, the structure of the pharmaceutical industry is set to change with a view to provide increased access to cost-effective healthcare.


Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone

The SBIDZ Licencing Company Pty (Ltd), referred to LiCo is a wholly-owned Wesgro subsidiary and is responsible for the following:

- The promotion, management and marketing of the IDZ in Saldanha Bay.

- The delivery of internal infrastructure in the IDZ & land lease costs.

 - Facilitating ease of doing business.

SBIDZ LiCo is a subsidiary under Wesgro and as a subsidiary, SBIDZ LiCo automatically is a public entity defined by the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999. SBIDZ LiCo is equally represented by the 3 spheres of Government