Kyiv (Kiev)


45 700 395

Official Languages




Head of State

President Viktor YANUKOVYCH

Head of Government

Prime Minister Mykola AZAROV

Export Destinations

Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy

Import Sources

Russia 30%, Germany 11.7%, Poland 7.6%, China 7%.

Country Brief Ukraine

(Last Updated Oct 2011)

Ukraine is strategically located in the middle of Eastern Europe. Following independence in 1991, Ukraine began making the transition to a market economy. Since 2000, Ukraine has been experiencing positive economic growth. The highest level of real GDP growth in the country’s history since independence was 12.1% in 2004. The key sectors providing economic growth are raw materials, heavy industries, wholesale and retail trade, and transport.

Huge Potential

The most popular and fasting growing Western Cape exports to Ukraine are in the agribusiness sector, given the rising demand for meat and poultry products in Ukraine. With a consumer base of 46million, and a highly educated workforce, the Ukraine can be considered an ideal platform for manufacturing and exporting to the rest of Eastern Europe and Russia.

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