Russian Federation




140 041 247

Official Languages




Head of State

President Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev (since 7 May 2008)

Head of Government

President Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev (since 8 May 2008)

Export Destinations

Netherlands 11.2%, Italy 8.1%, Germany 8%, Turkey 6%, Ukraine 5.1%, Poland 4.5%, China 4.3% (2008)

Import Sources

Germany 13.5%, China 13.2%, Japan 6.5%, Ukraine 6%, US 4.5%, Italy 4.3% (2008)

Country Brief Russian Federation

(Last Updated Oct 2011)

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies and with one of the highest growth rates in GDP, as well as being a regional hegemon, Russia presents considerable opportunities for Western Cape businesses. Consistent and sound economic strategies, modernised financial systems, and strong growth in productivity, real wages, and consumption has made Russia one of the top ten fastest growing major economies.

Huge Potential

Due to its size, Russia displays both geographic and economic diversity and is one of the world’s fastest growing major economies with one of the highest growth rates in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Due to its diverse and rapidly expanding economy, Russia is a nation ready and willing to do business with economically active and viable regions such as the Western Cape.

Why Buy

MoscowWesgro Country Briefs present our expertise in providing cutting edge intelligence to Western Cape exporters and international investors. Bringing together years of knowledge, experience and our strategic relations in the public private sector, these customized and up-to-date briefs is an essential resource for our clients, providing essential and practical guidelines for any businesses looking to expand globally and reap the benefits.

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2014 Russia - Machinery & equipment Country-Sector Fact Sheet application/pdf 843.7 KB Download
2013 Russia Country fact sheet Country Fact Sheet application/pdf 1.2 MB Download
2013 Russia - Food and Beverage Country-Sector Fact Sheet application/pdf 1.2 MB Download
2013 Russia - Leather Country-Sector Fact Sheet application/pdf 569.3 KB Download
2013 Russia - Beverages Country-Sector Fact Sheet application/pdf 1.2 MB Download
2012 Russia - Luxury Country-Sector Fact Sheet text/xml 484.2 KB Download
2012 Russia Country Fact Sheet text/xml 1.1 MB Download
2011 Russia Country Fact Sheet application/pdf 570.1 KB Download
2010 Russia - Food and Beverage Country-Sector Fact Sheet application/pdf 611.6 KB Download

Event Date: 15 Sep 2014

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) invites South African companies to apply to participate in the South African National Pavillion at the World Food Moscow  by applying for the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) scheme.

EMIA aims to develop export markets for South African products and services and to recruit new foreign direct investment into the country.

The deadline date for the submission of completed EMIA National Pavilion application forms is 15 April 2014.

This Trade Fair is a Agro processing event.