Why export from the Western Cape?

While exporting has it challenges – some of which may include - increased costs and complex regulations - there are also certain distinct and clear advantages to exporting. These advantages include:

  • INCREASED SALES - Exports support your sales drives by allowing you to find more clients
  • INCREASED PROFIT MARGINS - Exporting can allow you to increase your production and through economies of scale increase your profit margins despite the additional exporting costs that you may incur
  • INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS - Exporting could accelerate your business growth through exposing you to different technologies and processes and thereby facilitating your own creative innovations. In addition it exposes you to international best practices and alternative ways of doing things. Both of these increase your competitiveness in both the local and international markets.
  • REDUCED RISK - Exporting reduces your risk and reliance on fluctuations in your local market and when properly planned and executed allows you to take advantage of fluctuations in other markets.

Export Countries

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