De Toren Private Cellar

De Toren Private Cellar sits on the slopes of the Polkadraai Hills and covers a total area of 26ha of which 219 are under vines. De Toren's vineyards comprise of a mere 22 hectares, uniquely positioned on the Polkadraai Hills, overlooking Stellenbosch. The elevation of the vineyards (200-400) overlooking False Bay to the South and Table Mountain to the West, allow the cooling effects of the South Eastern wind to form a micro-climate perfectly tailored to the production of world glass red wines.

The vineyards are broken up into the five red Bordeaux variatals namely Cabernet Sauvignon [10.9 ha] Cabernet Franc [2.6 ha] Merlot [4.8 ha] Malbec [2.6 ha] and Petit Verdot [1.0 ha] that yield around 8 tons per hectare for the winery. On De Toren's relatively small property we have 18 different clones 7 clones Merlot 5 clones Cabernet Sauvignon 2 clones Cabernet Franc 2 Clones Petit Verdot and 2 clones Malbec. 

We also have 10 different soil types of which the three most prominent are -Tukulu/Pinedene [30%] Sterkspruit [25%] and Estcourt [15%]. If soil analysis is done at all usually 5 holes are analysed per hectare at De Toren we analyse 80 holes over a 54 hectare property allowing for more accurate matching of cultivars rootstocks and clones to soil types to ensure the very best vineyards. The farm makes use of extensive Infrared Aerial Imaging [left] whereby they can ID different vigours within the same block and in doing so isolate and demarcate them into clusters.