Why buy from the Western Cape?

If you are looking for cheap products then the Western Cape will not fit the bill. However if you are looking for value for money and quality products then you will definitely want to see what Western Cape producers and manufacturers have to offer.

  • QUALITY - Our producers and manufacturers subscribe to both local and international standards of production. This allows them to protect their reputations for outstanding products both in the local and international markets. They have won numerous international awards and recognition in this regard. Please review our news articles here, and here.
  • INNOVATION - Western Cape producers and manufacturers understand the needs of their consumers and are willing to constantly refine their products to address these changing needs and have won numerous international awards as recognition of that fact. Please view our news articles here, here and here.
  • SOPHISTICATED LOGISTICS - Fully modernised harbour facilities and well-connected railway networks are just some of the options available to international buyers. Two international ports are connected to business centres. Modern and well-established cold storage, freight and shipment facilities enable effective transportation and protection of your goods.
  • DIVERSE PRODUCTION - The Western Cape is a hub of production across various sectors. Buying opportunities exist in high growth sectors like agri-processing goods, aquaculture, consumer goods, manufactured products, food and beverage products and lifestyle goods.
  • PHENOMENAL GROWTH - The Western Cape has consistently grown at a more rapid pace than the national average. Becoming increasingly diverse in its economic activities, the Western Cape's economy is shifting towards the tertiary sector (in line with international trends), away from traditional sectors. It is advantaged by a more educated population, on average, compared to other provinces.
  • PREFERENTIAL MARKET ACCESS - Preferential bilateral, regional and international trade agreements assist foreign buyers through increasing access to various products.

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